Yodit Fitigu


Yodit Fitigu is the Emerging Issues Officer at GMDAC’s Mobility Data Lab working on research and analysis of emerging human mobility trends along migration corridors and durable solutions. Prior to joining GMDAC, Yodit served as Head of Migration Data and Research unit at IOM Niger.

Yodit Fitigu has over 17 years’ research experience working on migration and displacement in multiple countries in Haiti, West and Central Africa, the Horn and East Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Yodit’s areas of expertise include labour migration, child and forced labour, as well as gender and migration.

Yodit holds an MA in Public Anthropology with a focus on migration and displacement from American University in Washington DC and a BA in Socio-cultural Anthropology with a focus on genocide studies from the University of California, Los Angeles.