Within the GDI and its Global Migration Data Analysis Center, the Data Science and Analytics Unit provides strategic and technical support throughout the data process (methodology, sampling, analysis, reporting) by exploring statistics, scientific computing, scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems, using traditional and non-traditional data sources and leveraging partnerships on big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, forecasting, data-mining, etc. to inform migration analysis supporting current and future programming and policymaking. The unit leverages the global primary data collection network of IOM, to support impactful, analysis used to inform migration and displacement trends and causal effects of programs and policy on IOM’s populations of concern. With increasing digitalization, and the opportunities offered by innovative methods, the unit actively explores how innovative advancements and non-traditional data source can inform on the future of migration (nowcasting, foresight, scenario building, horizon scanning) in a responsible and ethical manner. The unit has now four main workstreams: Data Collection and Analysis support, Data science and innovation, Foresight, Forecast and Scenario Building, and Impact analytics.