Migration data for global processes

Keiko Osaki-Tomita, President of Tokiwa University in Japan, shares her views on migration data, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Compact for Migration.

Data on African migration to Europe

Rainer Münz, Special Adviser on Migration and Demography at the European Commission, shares his view on data and migration between Africa and Europe.

What do we know about data on environmental migration?

Disaster displacement forces millions of people away from their homes every year. Many more move in the context of environmental changes. Estimating the number of people affected remains a challenge for the international community. Atle Solberg, Head of the Platform on Disaster Displacement and Francois Gemenne, specialist of environmental geopolitics and migration dynamics, share their views on this topic.

Mexico-US migration: What can data tell us?

Douglas Massey, Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs at Princeton University, shares his views on data and migration between the US and Mexico. 

Human mobility and climate change in South America

Luiza Pallone, Researcher at the South American Network for Environmental Migrations (RESAMA), shares her views on human mobility and climate change in South America.

Data and the global compact for migration

Gregory Maniatis, Program Director at Open Society Foundations, shares his views on data and the negotiations for a global compact for migration.

Towards better migration governance

This video presents the Migration Governance Indicators (MGI), a framework developed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to support states in assessing the comprehensiveness of their migration policies, as well as in identifying gaps and areas that could be developed further.

Migration data in Africa: How much do we know?

Aderanti Adepoju, founder and coordinator at the Network of Migration Research on Africa, shares his views on the lack of migration data in Africa.

Using big data to understand migration (part 3)

Alessandro Sorichetta, principal Research Fellow at the WorldPop Programme, shares his views on the use of big data to understand migration.

Migration Data and the SDGs

Claire Melamed, Executive Director of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data shares her views on migration data and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)