Ambassador Diaspora Affairs

Dr. Jocelyne Clarke-Fletcher returned home to St. Lucia a little over two and a half years ago, to work with the Government of St. Lucia as the Ambassador responsible for Diaspora Affairs. Dr. Jocelyne Clarke-Fletcher is enhancing efforts of the Government to forge links with nationals overseas as well as create more dialog between the two. The role of the Ambassador is to communicate with non-resident Saint Lucians in different countries worldwide, to assist them in returning home, creating linkages for investment, trade between St. Lucia and where they reside, providing support or avenues for giving back, ensuring that country policies are approved, which makes it easier for the Diaspora to engage in the said activities.


Government of St.Lucia
Country of institution/residence
Saint Lucia
Geographic Scope
Organization Type
Governmental Organization
Thematic Area of Work
Capacity building and partnerships
Migration governance and policies