Malit Jr

Managing Director / Researcher

Froilan T. Malit, Jr. is the managing director and founder of Rights Corridor, who specializes in international relations, migration, foreign policy, labour rights, and the Asia-Gulf corridor. He has previously worked as technical migration policy consultant and project manager for a number of regional and international organizations, including the Abu Dhabi Dialogue, International Labour Organization, and International Organization for Migration. He holds  degrees in international relations, migration studies, and labour relations from Cambridge, Oxford, and Cornell. He regularly provides expert opinions on migration diplomacy and politics issues in the Asia-Gulf migration corridor in various regional and international media.

Rights Corridor
Country of institution/residence
United Arab Emirates
Regional Scope
Geographic Scope
Sub National Level
Organization Type
Private sector
Thematic Area of Work
Human rights of migrants
Migrant employment and economic activity
Migration and gender
Migration governance and policies
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Migration Diplomacy