CSO / President and Project Coordinator

I am currently the President /Project Coordinator of Steps to Life Nigeria (STLN). STLN is an NGO whose is focused on Human Rights. My first degree is BSc Physics from University of Ibadan and later obtained Post Graduate Diploma and MSc in Social Work from Ladoke University of Technology, both universities in Nigeria. I am a senior Member of Institute of Voluntary Sector Management, member of Nigeria Association of Evaluators, first Executive Secretary and member Nigeria Association of Social Workers. An achievement is being the Project Officer and West Africa Rep of IFSW, Africa Region. Personal goal is to contribute immensely to the development of Social Work and Social Workers in West Africa. I enjoy reading, debating and mentoring. 

Country of institution/residence
Geographic Scope
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Non-governmental Organization
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Capacity building and partnerships
Migration governance and policies
Monitoring progress on SDGs, GCM and other global agreements