Liaison & Policy Assistant

Daphne Heijdelberg works as Liaison & Policy Assistant at the IOM Regional Office Brussels, supporting the Regional Office's work in developing responses to EU policy processes and partnerships. She is also the focal point for Migration, Environment & Climate Change (MECC)at RO Brussels. Daphne interned at the IOM Special Liaison Office in Addis Ababa and worked at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she helped to develop policy on the link between youth unemployment and irregular migration in the MENA region. More recently, she worked on policies and programmes on labour migration, migrant and refugee inclusion and EU labour mobility at the European Commission and the European Labour Authority.

IOM RO Brussels
Country of institution/residence
Regional Scope
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International Organization
Thematic Area of Work
Migration governance and policies
Migration, environment and climate change
Monitoring progress on SDGs, GCM and other global agreements