Asmelash H


Freelance consultant, Data, CAPI, Survey, and Impact evaluation

I have over a 20-years track record in design, implementation, monitoring, & evaluation of development projects in Africa, including a deep understanding of research questions and a wealth of practical field experience. I am currently co-founder of impact and learning and Impact evaluation lead, where my work focuses on designing impact evaluation methodologies, managing quantitative surveys and data quality supervisor. I have managed multiple international research projects on Migration  and Mobility; impact evaluation studies in Africa as well as multiple large-scale and multi-disciplinary surveys.  I have 1st degree in finance & Master’s degrees in development Studies from the Addis Ababa University.

Country of institution/residence
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Private sector
Thematic Area of Work
Censuses and surveys
Migrant employment and economic activity
Migrant remittances and links to origin communities
Migration governance and policies
Migration patterns and trends (estimates & projections)