20 Feb 2023

54th UNSC Side Event - Developing Institutional Capacities for Better Data on Migration for Evidence-Based Policymaking

  • Date
    17 Feb 2023, 18:00pm
  • Location

The purpose of this event was to foster a meaningful dialogue with the statistical community on the subject of ensuring the inclusion of migrants in social statistics. This will enable us to inform policy and program design and address persistent data needs and gaps regarding migrants. Specifically, the event had the following objectives: 

  • Provide an opportunity for data producers and data users, particularly national statisticians, to exchange experiences and lessons learned in fostering the production of migration data. 
  • Unpack the challenges of implementing effective capacity development mechanisms on migration data for member states.
  • Identify and highlight concrete actions at an operational level to implement strategic capacity development on migration data that works towards institutionalization and overcoming the challenge of sustainability.

The event also helped to promote meaningful dialogue with the statistical community about how to ensure the inclusion of migrants in social statistics to inform policy and program design. Building on the work already undertaken by international organizations like UNECE and IOM, specifically GMDAC at a continental level in Africa and at a country level with the government of Mexico, the discussions aimed to generate awareness about pervasive data needs and bridge data gaps for and regarding migrants.