“Evaluating the impact of information campaigns in the field of migration” presents the results from a systematic literature review of evaluations of information campaigns related to migration.

The study reveals that the evidence base available for programming and policymaking in this area is very limited. In the absence of reliable evidence, the debate on the potential of this policy tool often relies on anecdotal evidence. Better evidence can show how information campaigns can be designed to best achieve their intended effects given the particular circumstances. The current lack of evidence limits the impact of future campaigns. While rigorous assessment of information campaigns can be difficult and costly, better evidence is clearly needed – wherever feasible and appropriate.

This report is part of the Central Mediterranean Route (CMR) Thematic Report Series, launched by IOM’s GMDAC with the aim of providing accurate, comprehensive and policy-oriented information on key issues related to migration on the Central Mediterranean Route. The series is published as part of the “Safety, Support and Solutions” programme implemented by IOM, funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID).

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