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Jasper Tjaden (Data and Survey Officer, IOM GMDAC) facilitated a training on the ECOWAS guidelines in Banjul, the Gambia on August 4.

IOM´s Data Analysis Centre, OECD´s Migration Division, UNDESA´s Population Division and Statistics Division, the Overseas Development Institute and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation jointly organized..

OECD, IOM and UNDESA will jointly organize the first International Forum on Migration Statistics in Paris from 15-16 January 2018.



Remittances and the G20

Dilip Ratha, Manager of Migration and Remittances Unit and Head of KNOMAD at the World Bank, is talking to GMDAC about the importance of remittances in the G20 countries.

Migration Data in West Africa: How could they be improved?

Ann Singleton, Senior Adviser to IOM’s Data Analysis Centre and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bristol is talking to GMDAC about the quality of migration data in West Africa.