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Susanne Melde (Senior Analyst, IOM GMDAC) spoke at the panel on migration and climate change at the second Impacts World conference on climate change in Potsdam on October 12.

Frank Laczko (Director, IOM GMDAC) stressed the data challenges in the field of migration at the annual International Metropolis conference organized in The Hague on 18-22 September. Presenting in

OECD, IOM and UNDESA will jointly organize the first International Forum on Migration Statistics in Paris from 15-16 January 2018.



What is the Migration Data Portal?

Watch the explainer video of the recently launched Migration Data Portal.

How does the UN calculate the number of migrants globally?

Bela Hovy, Chief of Migration Section at UN DESA, is talking to GMDAC on how the United Nations (UN) calculate the total number of migrants around the world.