Susanne Melde participates in KNOMAD Seminar on Planned Relocation in the Context of Climate Change

Published Date: 
Friday, April 7, 2017

Susanne Melde,  Research and Policy Officer, participates in a KNOMAD Seminar on Planned Relocation in the Context of Climate Change on April 11 at the premises of KNOMAD in the World Bank, Washington DC.

The interplay of a range of drivers with increasing environmental change, including climate change, will lead people to leave their communities. Some will leave because of the effects of sudden-onset weather-related disasters, others because the long-term effects of environmental change have destroyed their livelihoods. These planned relocations can occur reactively after a major sudden-onset disaster – when it is determined that people simply cannot return to their communities because the physical habitat is unsafe. In other cases, relocation will be planned as an anticipatory measure where hazards have increased the risk of continued habitation to unacceptable levels. The 2015 Conference of Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention Climate Change (COP 21) requested to develop recommendations for integrated approaches to avert, minimize and address displacement related to the adverse impacts of climate change. Planned relocation is one such approach.

The Institute for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University, the UNHCR, IOM, and the Institute for the Environment and Human Security of UN University have been working to develop guidance for States and other stakeholders on planned relocation in the context of natural disasters and the slow onset effects of climate change. The Guidance on Planned Relocations sets out general principles to assist States and other actors faced with the need to assess whether and how to undertake these programs. The next step is the development of practical tools, including specific measures and examples of good practices to assist States and other interested actors in translating these general principles into concrete laws, policies, plans, and programs. This KNOMAD seminar will discuss expertise on planned relocation to bear on the development of such practical tools.

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