Sidy, mobilizing financial resources to invest in agriculture

This migrant story is included in Tandian, Chapter 28 of the volume

Sidy was born on 17 January 1963 in Matam, Senegal. He first migrated in 1977. From Dakar, he travelled to Abidjan and Brazzaville, where he lived for 18 years without returning to Senegal. In Brazzaville, he worked as a stonemason. He returned because he felt that his investments in Senegal were not being properly managed by his brothers – the money that he was sending to build his house was being used for other purposes. In Côte d’Ivoire, he was in trade, but he also learned agricultural techniques. He has been back in Senegal for 12 years, working in market gardening and animal husbandry thanks to the money he earned as a migrant. He grows maize, peanuts and beans on seven hectares. He employs farmers under the métayage system but also occasionally hires day workers. He owns 22 head of cattle and over 100 sheep and goats. The four employees who look after them receive room and board and are paid 53€ per month. Sidy also has several shops in the Republic of the Congo, which are managed by his brothers who live there. He plans to continue investing in Senegal, especially in rural development.




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