J., E. and P., victims of trafficking in Nigeria

Included in Yuen, Chapter 13 of the volume

J. comes from Nassarawa State in Nigeria, where she lives with her mother and her three little brothers. Her father died a long time ago and her mother is in poor health. She’s the eldest of the family and shoulders the responsibility of feeding her family and providing for the schooling of her three younger brothers. J. worked at a small food retail business. One day at work, she was approached by a customer who offered her a job at a big company in Libya. J. refused at first, as she knew she could not leave her family unattended. The trafficker tried to persuade J. by telling her that the job was only for a short four-month contract, which would allow her to earn a lot of money to support herself and her family. Appealed by this prospect, J. agreed to the offer.

E. is from Jos town, north of Abuja, where she works in hairdressing. An orphan of mother, she’s the eldest of the family and has two younger sisters. E. is responsible for taking care of her younger sister who is sick. She  pays for her treatments with her small savings. E. worked at a hairdressing salon in Jos. One day, while she was at work, a woman approached E. with an offer to work for her in Kano, where she claimed to own a large hairdressing salon. She promised  that she would learn a lot of money there.

P. is from Imo State, in the south of Nigeria. She lost her mother at birth and her father abandoned her. She was hosted by her aunt, but P. has been providing for herself from a young age. A woman approached her in her village, explaining that she assisted girls to obtain work in Libya. She promised P. a very well-paid housekeeping job.

J., E. and P. travelled jointly with means arranged by the trafficker. During the journey, a Nigerian woman - also in the same car - approached the young girls to ask what they were doing there by themselves, as they were so young. They told the lady their stories and the lady explained to them what the true intentions of the traffickers were and warned them that these were false promises that would lead them to prostitution and exploitation without any salary. When the car stopped the three girls escaped and ran to the police station. A police officer confirmed the allegation of the lady and referred them to IOM for assistance.


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