West and North Africa comprise in total 10.4 million immigrants and 21.8 million emigrants, representing respectively 1.6 per cent and 3.4 per cent of their 633.2 million inhabitants in 2019, according to United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs estimates. This overall level of international migration is relatively low (inward) or moderate (outward) compared with a world ratio of migrants to population estimated at 3.5 per cent. Being an average, however, it hides important variations between the two regions and between countries within each region.

  • Section 1 | Introduction

  • Chapter 1 | Improving migration measurement along the CMR: sources of data 

    Philippe Fargues (European University Institute)
  • Chapter 2 | Focus on operational data: the International Organization for Migration’s Displacement Tracking Matrix, and the Mixed Migration Centre’s Mixed Migration Monitoring Mechanism initiative

    Philippe Fargues (European University Institute)
  • Chapter 3 | Facebook advertising data in Africa

    Francesco Rampazzo (University of Southampton and Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research) and Ingmar Weber (Qatar Computing Research Institute) 
  • Chapter 4 | Trends and evolving arrival patterns through the Central and Western Mediterranean Routes

    Maria Fedorova and Tashia Shupert (IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix)
  • Chapter 5 | Migration in Libya post-2016: recently arrived migrants and migrants who have been in Libya for at least one year

    Tassilo Teppert (IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix Libya) and Lorenza Rossi (IOM Regional Office, Cairo)
  • Chapter 6 | Overview of migration trends and patterns in the Republic of the Niger, 2016–2019

    Lorelle Yuen (IOM Niger)
  • Chapter 7 | Migration aspirations in West and North Africa: what do we know about how they translate into migration flows to Europe?

    Irene Schöfberger, Eduardo Acostamadiedo, Emma Borgnäs and Marzia Rango (IOM´s Global Migration Data Analysis Centre)
  • Chapter 8 | Using big data to estimate migration “push factors” from Africa

    Constantinos Melachrinos, Marcello Carammia and Teddy Wilkin (European Asylum Support Office)
  • Chapter 9 | Migration on the Western Mediterranean Route as “new nomadism”: focus on Mauritania

    Lisa Godde (IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix, Mauritania)
  • Chapter 10 | Transhumance Tracking Tool – a regional perspective of mobility in West Africa

    Damien Jusselme (IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix, Regional Office, Dakar)