Migration is old, but its governance is relatively recent. The building of independent States in North and West Africa, the construction of national identities, the extension of States’ control over the lives of individuals and the provision of services to the population soon raised the issue of who belongs to the national framework of rights and duties, and who does not; who shares the national identity, and who does not. International migration brought up specific issues. How do States engage with their citizens abroad? Do they grant them political rights such as voting from abroad and political representation? What rights, including those of entry and stay, shall be granted to immigrants, and on what conditions? States have provided very diverse responses to these questions.

  • Section 4 | Introduction

  • Chapter 30 | Free movement policies and border controls: regional migration governance systems in West and North Africa and Europe, and their interactions

    Irene Schöfberger (IOM´s Global Migration Data Analysis Centre)
  • Chapter 31 | The collateral damage of the war on smugglers along the Central Mediterranean Route

    Luca Raineri (Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies)
  • Interview | Interview with Ousmane Diarra, Association Malienne des Expulsés

  • Chapter 32 | Migration governance in North and West Africa: National policy frameworks

    Philippe Fargues (European University Institute)
  • Chapter 33 | Diaspora and development policies in the Economic Community of West African States

    Irene Schöfberger (IOM´s Global Migration Data Analysis Centre)
  • Chapter 34 | Diffusion and practice of external voting in North and West Africa

    Thibault Jaulin (CERI-Sciences Po Paris) and Etienne Smith (LAM-Sciences Po Bordeaux)
  • Chapter 35 | Public opinion on immigration in North and West Africa: an exploration of the available evidence

    Emma Borgnäs and Eduardo Acostamadiedo (IOM Global Migration Data Analysis Centre)
  • Chapter 36 | Balancing migration narratives through programming and media reporting in North Africa

    Paola Pace, Shireen Zayed (IOM Egypt) and Emma Borgnäs (IOM Global Migration Data Analysis Centre)
  • Chapter 37 | Assessing the impact of awareness-raising campaigns on potential migrants – What we have learned so far

    Jasper Tjaden (IOM´s Global Migration Data Analysis Centre)
  • Chapter 38 | Importance of data-driven responses along the Central and Western Mediterranean Routes

    Ana-Maria Murphy-Teixidor, Ayla Bonfiglio, Vanessa Leigh (Mixed Migration Centre) and Ivona Zakoska-Todorovska, Damien Jusselme and Lorenza Rossi (IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix)