Al Sharq Forum
Melike Ekinci
Date of Publication: 
Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Following the important changes in migrant routes observed in the Mediterranean Sea in 2016, Italy became both one of the most important destination country and the first stop to reach other European countries. Whereas death tolls have been increasing on the journays throughout the Central Mediterranean Sea, arrivals to Italy are increasing as well. Thus, Italy and other EU Member States have been taking measures in liasion with African countries, specifically Libya, to intercept migrants’ arrival and to decrease numbers of dead and missing. Meanwhile, with this increase of the amount of newcomers to the EU countries, xenophobia became more visible and began to spread rapidly among European countries. This lead a rise in far right wing groups and affect policy of authorities. This paper makes a brief of Italy’s recent migrant policy, along with EU’s policy, with its crescive xenophobia trend to the newcomers.

Type of Resource: 
Research & Analysis