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International Organization for Migration (IOM)
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

IOM reports that 13,170 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2017, through 19 February, with over 75 percent arriving in Italy and the rest in Greece and Spain. This compares with 90,180 through the first 50 days of 2016.

IOM Rome reports that the over 10,000 migrant arrivals in Italy before the end of February represents a significant increase compared with arrivals in the same period during the past two years, when slightly over 8,000 migrants made it to Italy by the end of February.

IOM’s Missing Migrants Project reports an estimated 272 deaths at sea on various routes, compared with 420 through the first 50 days of 2016.

These figures do not include reports received by IOM Libya that as many as 100 fatalities may have occurred on Sunday (19/2) off Az Zawiyah, near Tripoli. They include at least 75 bodies found aboard a boat that washed ashore.

Traffickers reportedly stole the engine and left it to drift. Another six bodies were recovered on the beach and at least a dozen other migrants are missing, presumed drowned. A survivor, reportedly in a coma, was transferred to hospital. If confirmed these deaths would raise the total number of Mediterranean fatalities to over 365 through 20 February.

IOM Libya also reported Monday that last Friday (17/2), 125 migrants (105 men, 16 women and 4 children) were rescued at sea off Zuwara. On Saturday (18/2), 187 migrants were rescued off Az Zawiyah, and are currently at the Al Nasr detention centre.

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