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Lamin O. Ceesay
Date of Publication: 
Thursday, February 23, 2017

West Africa’s patterns of Migration in pre-colonial and early post-colonial times were predominantly internal and regional; from landlocked Sahelian countries to relatively prosperous mines, plantations and coastal cities. This was very significant in ensuring quality brain and skills circulation in the region. Out-Migration to Europe, despite the numerous benefits that come along with it, remains a huge problem for the region and very worrisome to Policy makers. As the previous significant brain and skills circulation that existed in the region has shifted to Europe, it paralysed its human and socioeconomic Development efforts. On the other hand it is a huge and an unbearable burden on the social welfare system and job market of Europe. Considering the problematic and worrisome nature of unskilled, semi-skilled and professional youth Migration, this study is set to search for its determinants. The findings are intended for a better and more informed Policy formulation. Assuming that at the beginning of the 21st Century, West Africa’s migratory trends to Europe have changed from predominantly regular to alarmingly irregular and clandestine, this research also investigates the motivations behind this trend. The focus of this study is the Migration flow from West Africa to Europe, using Ghana as a case study.

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Research & Analysis
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