Regional Grouping: 
Lund University, Department of Political Science
Amir Manochehri Naeini Tina (supervisor Jakob Gustavsson)
Date of Publication: 
Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Abstract: Migration is a multidimensional phenomena presented in various political debates, discussed from economic perspectives to human rights features. Historically, migrants have been considered both as possibilities contributing to the economy and diversity as well as threats to the economy, society and the cultural identity of the host community. One of the aftermaths of European Migration Crisis has been the securitization of migration policy area. Securization of migration empowers the politicians with the possibility to take extra-ordinary measures and normalization of the “us” and “them” discourse; simply put, politicizing migrants as threats to the european society. Here, the aim has been to carry out a single case study of securitization. To validate this claim, Copenhagen school’s notions of securization have been applied finding indicators of securization. Later a content analysis on the politicians ‘speech act’ is conducted, examining the discourse from the early stages of the crisis in 2014 until early 2016. In doing so, European parliamentary debates have been chosen as the primary source, giving the opportunity to gather comprehensive data confirming securitization of migration.

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Research & Analysis
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