European Journal of Migration and Law
Anna Triandafyllidou
Date of Publication: 
Sunday, January 1, 2017

The loss of over a thousand human lives in the attempt to cross the Mediterranean during April 2015 has once again drawn Media and political attention to the challenges that the European Union faces in its efforts to govern irregular Migration and Asylum in the region. However, what still seems to be wanting is our (experts’ and Policy makers’) understanding of what drives people to put their lives at risk in search of a better future. What are the motivations that are so strong and what is the information they have? How do they organise their journey and how do they respond to changing Policy practices (e.g., more intensive enforcement at the border or a more expansive rescue operation at sea)? How much do they know about destination or transit countries and how accurate is their information? How much are they in control of their own destinies and how much do they accept contingency and risk?

Type of Resource: 
Research & Analysis
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