Migration Policy Practice (Vol. IX, Number 2, April–June 2019)

The new edition of Migration Policy Practice focuses on three key and diverse migration topics: measuring the extent of migration in the Global South; comparing immigrant students´ integration; and migration and identity management questions in asylum cases.

The first article, by David Ingleby, Ann Singleton and Kolitha Wickramage focuses on how migration is measured in the Global South. It shows that the scale of migration can vary considerably depending on how “developed” and “developing country” are defined.

The second article discusses the arrival of large numbers of refugees from Syria in Europe in recent years. Maarten Bolhuis and Joris van Dijk assess how five European countries which received large numbers of asylum applications from Syrians tried to establish the identities of these persons to ensure that they were not security risks.

The final article focuses on policy options for addressing immigrant student achievement gaps. Louis Volante, Don A. Klinger, Melissa Siegel and Leena Yahia examine data arising from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). PISA is a key tool used by policymakers to assess and compare the quality and equity of their national education systems with others. By using this data source, the authors are able to compare the educational performance of immigrant students in various countries.

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