Inaugural Berlin Migration Talk takes place

Published Date: 
Wednesday, May 22, 2019


GMDAC and IOM Germany launched a joint briefing series called “Berlin Migration Talks” on 13 March 2019. The inaugural briefing focused on GMDAC’s work on assessing the impact of information campaigns in the field of migration.

More than 30 representatives from German ministries, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and think-tanks attended the event. 

GMDAC summarized results from their recent report “Evaluating the impact of information campaigns in the field of migration”. The study reveals that the evidence base available for programming and policymaking in this area is strikingly limited. It becomes apparent that the uptake in the use of information campaigns has far outpaced any rigorous assessment of the effects that different campaigns may have on their respective target groups. In the absence of reliable evidence, the debate on the potential of this policy tool often relies on largely anecdotal evidence. 

Jasper Tjaden, Data and Survey Officer at IOM’s GMDAC, described different IOM information campaigns implemented around the world and illustrated different approaches to assessing their impact. Marie Luce Bia Zafinikamia, Impact Evaluations Officer at IOM’s GMDAC, revealed initial findings from ongoing data collection in Senegal and Guinea. 

IOM’s first-ever randomized controlled trial (RCT) assessing the impact of the “Migrants as Messenger” campaign in Senegal will be published later this year. Another rigorous impact evaluation is ongoing in Guinea and Ethiopia.