Dr. Cris Beauchemin is research director at the French Institute for Demographic Studies-Institut National d'Études Démographiques (INED) and associate professor at the department of demography of the University of Montreal. Prior to joining INED, he spent 3 years at the University of Montreal (Demography Department).

Most of his research is about migration and connections between places of origin and destination. Covering both domestic and international migration, especially in the African context, his work is related especially to trends of migration, migrants’ investments, return migration, transnational families, integration and transnationalism. In the last decade, he was responsible of projects involving large-scale surveys such as “Migration between Africa and Europe project” (MAFE) and the “Trajectories and origin survey in France” (TeO). Besides, he is associate editor of the journal International Migration Review. He holds his PhD from University of Paris 8.