Migration Trends across the Central and Western Mediterranean Routes – Focus on Mauritania

Published Date: 
Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The third edition of the “Berlin Migration Talks” took place on 27 August 2019 in Berlin with a focus on migration trends across Central and Western Mediterranean Routes and in Mauritania.

Marzia Rango (Research and data Officer, IOM’s GMDAC) discussed African migration to the European Union (EU), showcasing a recent comparative analysis of regular and irregular migration flows from Africa to the EU over the period 2011–2017, and contextualizing recent trends in undocumented cross-Mediterranean migration

Lisa Goode (Information Management Officer, IOM DTM Mauritania) presented DTM’s ongoing work in Mauritania to obtain up-to-date information on migration and mobility along the Western Mediterranean Route, as well as the size, profiles and needs of the migrant population in Mauritania’s cities.

Berlin Migration Talks is an event series jointly organized by IOM Germany and IOM’s GMDAC.