IOM Migration Data Strategy: Informing Policy and Action on Migration, Mobility and Displacement

IOM has developed a comprehensive strategy – the Migration Data Strategy – to frame, focus and further amplify its existing robust engagement on the issue of data. A key IOM goal is to improve the evidence base for good migration governance in support of sustainable development, effective humanitarian action and peaceful societies, as well as the implementation, monitoring and reporting of relevant stakeholders on their actions in support of relevant international frameworks. The Migration Data Strategy maps out a path for IOM to reach this goal. It seeks to mobilize the international community in helping unlock the potential of migration data for sound policy and decision-making. 

Migration Data Strategy is part of the broader organizational strategic planning; it is designed within the framework of the IOM Strategic Vision and a crucial element to support its realization. It is also aligned with the data strategy of the Secretary-General, which aims to foster the individual and collective strengths of United Nations system entities.

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