The Impact of Mobile Cinema Events on Potential Migrants in Guinea: Impact Evaluation Report

Every year, thousands of migrants crossing Africa and the Mediterranean die in hopes of reaching Europe. Many migrants are misinformed about the risks of irregular migration and often rely on migrant smugglers who spread inaccurate information for monetary gain. This study examines the effects of the CinemArena campaign in Guinea. CinemArena is an IOM-managed mobile cinema and community discussion initiative that aims to raise awareness about the possible dangers of migrating among potential migrants and share information about safe alternatives to irregular migration. The study uses a difference-in-difference (DiD) estimation – a statistical technique to verify whether programme impacts can be directly attributed to the programme itself, rather than to other relevant factors, such as the economic context or changes in migration policies. Based on a longitudinal sample of 2,825 potential migrants in 63 villages in the regions of Boké, Boffa, Gaoual and Koundara in Guinea, the study finds that participating in the campaign has an impact on a range of migration-relevant perceptions and intentions. The report provides insights and recommendations for evidence-based programming in the field of awareness-raising campaigns targeting potential migrants.

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