GMDAC's Susanne Melde at the Space and Migration Exploratory Workshop

Published Date: 
Sunday, February 21, 2016

Susanne Melde, Research and Policy Officer participated in the Space and Migration Exploratory Workshop organized by the European Space Agency (ESA) from 15-16 February 2016 at its Research and Technology Centre in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. The workshop aimed at analysing how ESA programmes could help to tackle the migration crisis, in the frame of the “Space for Earth” initiative.

Ms. Melde of IOM presented the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) such as drones in sampling households for surveys in areas where census or other data is not available or outdated. For the MECLEP project research, drones were used in the household survey conducted by IOM in the city of Gonaïves and the community of La Marmelade in Haiti.

Furthermore, IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix team uses satellite images to compare areas affected by disasters, such as the 2012 tropical storm Sandy in Haiti to assess which households were affected and to target relief. The first exploratory workshop will be followed by more consultations of institutions that could not participate, the preparation of a catalogue of existing projects and actors and the development of joint approaches.

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